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True Heart (Watch movies online)

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
    1h 32min
  • Genre:
    Adventure, Drama, Family
  • Director:
    Catherine Cyran
  • Stars:
    Kirsten Dunst, Zachery Ty Bryan, August Schellenberg, Dey Young, Michael Gross, Tom McBeath, Ben Cardinal, John Novak, Vincent Gale, Darren Moore .....
Two city kids gain a new perspective on life when theyre lost in rugged Northwestern Canada in this adventure for the family. Sam (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Bonnie (Kirsten Dunst) are two teenage siblings who dont always get along, a situation made more uncomfortable by their mothers recent remarriage. While Sam and Bonnie are flying home on a small chartered place, their flight crashes in the wilderness of British Columbia. Sam and Bonnie are the only survivors of the wreck and must fend for themselves until they are discovered by Khonanesta (August Schellenberg), a Native North American who lives in the woods with his only companion, a huge Kodiak bear hes named Grandfather. Khonanesta teaches Sam and Bonnie how to live off the land, and as they learn how to survive in the wild, they become closer, more confident, and better adjusted; they also help Khonanesta foil a group of game poachers who are illegally hunting bear in the wilderness. Bonnie and Sams mother and stepfather ...
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