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Haunted Cries (Watch movies online)

  • Year:
  • Country:
  • Time:
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Nik Rasmussen
  • Stars:
    Jack Schuler, Mandie Deaton, Addison Stewart, Hannah Wiltgen, Garie Lewis, Ben Gothier, Kathy Kat Walsh, Ausi Nicol Slaybaugh, Dan Hansen, Chris Strawn .....
Rick Liechti, a twenty-some-year-old German therapist moves to the Mid-U.S. after his sister is murdered by a gunman. Shortly after arriving at his low-cost but nice house, he discovers that the former residents (the Curtis family) had been murdered six months earlier. At 3:00 am that same night, Rick investigates a strange noise only to discover that the ghosts of the Curtis family haunt the hall for an hour every night. A silent pale boy in a hood, the spirit of Arnold Curtis, asks Rick to help find his older sister, Anna, who was kidnapped by the murderer(s). Only by knowing what happened to her will allow the ghosts to rest in peace. Rick, sympathizing with the ghosts, begins his personal investigation to find Anna and the one(s) responsible for the series of murders in the city. During his investigation, Rick crosses paths with a number of people; Suki Muyo (a high school student and family friend of the Curtis), who believes she is being stalked by the murderer(s); Investigator...
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